Brannon Stewart Testimonial

 In Changed Lives

I was talked into trying a Crossfit Endurance class with Coach Nick by two friends who recently just started Crossfit themselves (they no longer attend by the way). My first class was cold, we were outside and there were 4 of us. We did walking forward lunges with 45lb plates above our heads. I smoked, I drank, I was overweight and out of shape (more than I would like to recognize), but played sports most of my life and thought I would be able to hang. It was tough and I barely hung in there. I will never forget that day. I questioned if this was for me that same evening.

The following few days, I could not walk. Getting up and down stairs was a feat all in itself. Sitting in my chair at work, or the toilet in the restroom hurt (I know you all felt this at one time! lol) Miserable as I felt, something had sparked inside me!

Weeks went by, I was constantly sore….but I kept coming back, no matter how I felt, the spark was getting brighter. Something else happened, my body said, without even trying, “your done smoking.” I quit cold Turkey.

I became addicted! I was eating healthier and becoming stronger. Coach Nick and the others in the class were encouraging, always pushing, never letting you quit.

I started my pull-ups on the black band, for quite a while. Then I moved to the green band for a short while. One day I came in and said – I can do these pull ups, I can do them without the band, I am stronger now. The spark grew brighter and I was determined. I stopped using the bands for pull ups and have never looked back! No matter how difficult or how long the work out took without the bands, I did it. The Spark was now a glowing fire inside me!

I started off slow in the beginning. It was difficult for a long time to RX work outs. I modified the work outs to keep up with the class and I got better.

As I got stronger I began Rx’g more work outs. I made it my focus to abandon as many modifications as I could, regardless of the time it took me to complete.

2.5 years in and now I can RX most work outs. I am addicted to Crossfit, I appreciate our facility, I appreciate the coaches, I appreciate the other Crossfitters at our box, and I appreciate the community! This is a great place to be and Crossfit is a great sport to be a part of!

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