Cydni Fiehn Testimonial

 In Changed Lives

I was introduced to Crossfit and APC exactly a year ago by my best friend, Leslie.  I have been working out my entire adult life, either with weights, aerobics, Beachbody programs, you name it, and have always enjoyed it.


This was my first experience with CrossFit and I’m totally hooked! It has not only challenged me physically like no other form of fitness but also mentally.  I’m not a competitive person by nature.  If I play and win a round of poker, I’ll most likely offer to give you your money back!


Crossfit has made me realize I AM competitive, with myself.  I want to do better and get stronger and of course always looking to drop those extra pounds.


I am extremely proud and honored to be recognized for athlete of the month.  APC is top notch and the members and coaches are fantastic!

Most of my experience has been with Alex and Nick, you guys rock and you really do make a difference! I love the available support from a nutrition aspect and Amber is amazing!

Thanks all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


Each class is always challenging and members and coaches are encouraging and constantly pushing us all to do better! I love it!



Thank you!!

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