Elaine Cornelison Testimonial

 In Changed Lives

About 3 years ago, my friend Annette and I were looking to get involved in some type of physical activity.  There were so many people at our church that were part of the APC community, we decided to give it a try.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to do much at Crossfit due to the severe arthritis in my knees and the back issues I had been dealing with for years, but we tried a Groupon package for a month, and then decided to stick with it and went through the On Ramp program with Coach Nick.  I started therapy at Advanced Health & Wellness which drastically helped my back issues, and gave me some relief in my knees, so I continued on with Crossfit and did the best I could with modifications for most of the movements.


In January 2015, I started a 6 month nutrition program with Coach Amber to prepare for knee surgery and dropped 23 pounds.  On May 22 I had bi-lateral patella femoral replacement surgery, which basically means I had my knee caps replaced.  I started therapy on May 26th and found myself working very hard at therapy because I wanted to get back to Crossfit.  I read the stories, and looked at all the pictures and videos on Facebook and found myself missing the group of people I had come to know through class and the challenge of each workout, and felt an excitement about getting back and being able to workout with no knee pain.  My therpay continued through August, and after talking with Coach Nick, who assured me all movements could be modified to fit my capabilities at that time, I started back to Crossfit on 8/31.  I could not squat very far, lift any weight, and certainly not do a burpee, but Coach Nick and Coach Alex took the time at the beginning of each class to provide me with modifications so that I could still complete an entire workout.


Each week I noticed a little improvement in my flexibility and I am now able to squat close to 90 degrees, I’m back up to a 20” box, I can do a burpee, and I continue to rebuild my strength by tracking my progress on Beyond the Whiteboard.  I’m not completely there yet, but with the continued support of the coaches, I’m sure I’ll get back up to speed in no time.  I always joke that I never use the “F” word (FUN) and Crossfit in the same sentence, but I have to admit that it’s pretty addicting and it’s great to be part of such a supportive community.



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