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Well first, I’m no hero or will ever claim to be one. I started a factory job working as a Tow Motor operator. That’s when it hit me that I needed to do more with my life, I wasn’t going to just settle for a factory job for the next 30 years.
The police academy it was. During the academy I knew that this is where I belong. This is what God has intended for me to do. I graduated the academy as the class Sgt. (Class leader) top PT score. This is where God gave me a learning opportunity.
I’ve always struggled with confidence and patience. I thought I had a perfect police job lined up and it fell through at the very last moment. I really thought about giving up and trying something different. At this time I was now working as a security guard making just above minimum wage,

I had lost a lot of confidence and motivation to continue this journey. My family and I have faced so much adversity that it’s hard to fathom. Then I found a new job making much better pay, however, I knew that becoming a law enforcement officer was the ultimate goal. At about this time I started doing crossfit at APC. Being here showed me that people from all walks of life and situations can gather together and become a motivated team. Not only that but I was getting into better shape as well!

Finally I received a response from Stark County that I was continuing with the hiring process.
There are more details and story’s I would love to tell, but a short 4 months later I was hired. Conveniently right before Hero Week.

I think Hero Week is one of the best weeks of the year. I personally haven’t participated in one with a crossfit gym but I have completed my own for the brothers and sisters who never returned home.

Personally, for me Hero Week is for Ssgt. Johnathan Davis and LCpl Duncan. We have to remember every morning that our time is limited, and that it’s these people who gives us the opportunity for more time in the greatest Country ever!!! USA! Stay motivated devil dogs!!!

Semper Fi

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