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I started Crossfit with a groupon. At the time I had been running a lot and was looking to add variety to my workouts. Crossfit seemed a little intimidating but my brother and sister-in-law were going to try Crossfit too so I wouldn’t be alone. I remember coming to the gym the first time and talking to Coach Nick. He explained to me a little bit about what Crossfit was and then had me participate in the team workout that was going on that day. The workout was maybe 15 minutes and I remember thinking that that wasn’t long enough to really do anything because I was already in shape. I soon learned I was very wrong. I was sore for days from that first workout that was “only 15 minutes.”


I kept coming back to the gym and was challenged with a variety of movements that I had never done before. Toes-to-bar, pull ups, and double unders all seemed liked movements that I would never be able to achieve. With a lot of hard work, I can now confidently say that I can do all these movements in a workout. Lifting weights was foreign to me as well. In my first couple months of Crossfit I remember Nick having us do as many back squats at 95 pounds that we could without dropping the bar. I got exactly zero. When I squatted down I fell straight on my butt. I’m so encouraged by the progress I have made since that day. Just last week I did 20 back squats at 115 pounds.┬áIn the 2 years I have done Crossfit, I have never left the gym thinking that I didn’t get a good workout that day. More often than not I’m sore and out of breathe but feel amazing about what I accomplished that day.


Another truly amazing part of Crossfit is the people I have met and the encouragement I have received. The coaches are always more than willing to help me perfect a movement, and the other athletes that seemed intimidating at first are there to cheer me on if I’m the last one to finish a workout. In the Open this past year I failed to clean 120 pounds three times in one of the workouts. If I was doing the workout alone I would have given up after the first failed attempt. However with the encouragement of Coach Nick I was able to clean and jerk 120 pounds on my fourth attempt with seconds left in the workout.


Crossfit has become part of my routine now that I look forward to all day. To anyone thinking of trying Crossfit I would encourage them to be brave and try it out. Your body will hurt for a while but the improvements you will see and the friendships you form make it all worth it.

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