Mark Vlcek Testimonial

 In Changed Lives

I have been going to Advance performance Crossfit for over 8 months. Let me tell you how I got here. I tried Crossfit years back and absolutely loved it! The only problem was being new, I felt that I was holding the class up not knowing the proper movements. Then years later my wife Myra went to a Couch 2 Crossfit meeting and she met Coach Alex and Coach Heidi. And from what she heard from that meeting she decide to give Crossfit a chance so she signed me and her up for the Couch 2 Crossfit program.  My first thought was “Oh no, what have you got me into!” So we went to our first class and I met Coach Alex and few of the other people that signed up for the program. Let me tell you Coach Alex calmed all my fears about Crossfit, with his kind attitude and his willingness to teach us the proper movements! He let us know that every workout does not have to be Rx’d and can be scaled down to the weight or movements that you can perform safely.  I am excited to tell you that I have moved from the Couch 2 Crossfit program to the regular classes at Advanced Performance Crossfit!

So let me tell you how Crossfit has changed my life. It has changed how I feel, look, and it has helped my self-esteem. Growing up I had very low self-esteem mainly because of how I looked and how I measured up to other men. With Crossfit I challenge myself every day and have never felt better about who I am and my outlook on my self-worth.  Working out at Advance Performance Crossfit has changed my life! Because of the great coaches, the great community, and with Faith Rx’d, I have met true friends that push me to live my life closer to God.  It is not about how much weight I can lift but more importantly about growing stronger and keeping up with my very active 5 year old, which is often very difficult. Although with the great support from Advance Performance I have the energy and the strength to do it.


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