Paige Janer Testimonial

 In Changed Lives

My Crossfit experience started in early 2013 when I found myself out of competitive college sports and looking for something new and to drop the weight I gained in college. I used to do a lot of cardio work outs but found myself hit a plateau and not seeing any results. In beginning, Crossfit scared me. I never lifted heavy weights before and I found myself frustrated by particular movements (squatting in general) but the more I practiced and kept going to the gym, the more confident I became! I love how Crossfit allows you to able to look back on your progress and come into the gym with a new goal every day, even if it’s just to share a few laughs with class! I will always remember the day I got my first handstand push up, it was incredible! Fast forward two years later to today, I may be able to RX most movements but what keeps me coming back is the confidence I’ve gained in myself. Every day is a challenge to look forward to at APC!

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