Personal Training

Personal Training

07At Advanced Performance CrossFit we understand that every single person is different and with that, they all have different, needs, goals and abilities. That why we offer a variety of training programs to suit our member’s needs. We structure workouts for everyone from the individual who knows what they’re doing but need a little structure, to the people who are looking to totally change their lifestyle and need a lot more individualized attention. Most people need some guidance, structure and accountability to help change their lifestyle or get the results they are looking for. That’s why we offer both one-on-one and small group personal training to help members reach their health and wellness goals. Our trainers use a variety functional exercises and athletic conditioning and adapt and cater their workouts to the individual. At Advanced Performance CrossFit you can be sure that your trainer will help support you and no matter what your goals are they will help you achieve them.

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Individual Training Sessions

Starting an exercise routine can be intimidating. It’s tough to know how to do exercises safely and properly. It’s hard to stay on track unless you’re accountable to someone. At Advanced Performance CrossFit we want to not only get you started on your fitness journey – but go beyond it. We have a variety of packages to choose from, but all of them will help give you the education, motivation and inspiration you need to be successful.

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Team Training Sessions

Want even more accountability when you work out? Try doing Team Training with a friend, relative or co-worker. Advanced Performance CrossFit offers Team Training to help build camaraderie while giving extra support and motivation to all in the team. Teams consist of 2-4 clients who have similar goals and availability. Don’t have someone to workout with? Let our trainers pair you up with an existing client or team to help give you the workouts that you need at an affordable cost.

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Small Group Training

Do you need the benefits of a personal trainer, but just can’t afford individual sessions? Small Group Training is the answer. At Advanced Performance CrossFit our Small Group Training classes are perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Classes do not exceed 10 clients and all of the exercises are adaptable to your fitness level.

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